Memories Of A Present Life… 1978 to 1985

A Thought

When I’m down
I’m able to put it down
Simply and clearly
The puzzle pieces
Fall into place
As the keys
Fit to open
Their mating locks
And I’m up

Before The Dawn

A sunny warm day in July
We were hand and hand
Hoping never to say good-bye
Laying on a carpet of sand
Our bodies hit by a misty spray
Together loving this time
Uncaring of our homeward way
Praying for you to be mine
Your beauty is far more than fair
From the tenderness of your skin
To the shine in your long brown hair
Nothing you do could be called a sin
We must leave as in any case
This place we shall miss
I turn to your lovely face
And we slowly kiss my ears are filled with a ringing sound
And once again reality has come around